Solid Rubber Arena Footing For Horse Arenas

Different Riding Discplines that can use our Solid Rubber Arena Footing.

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We sell high quality Rubber Arena Footing for your horses arena. 

This Year, treat your horse and yourself to
our Rubber Horse Arena Footing; acquire more bounce in your step and
radically reduce concussion shock.  Rubber is used in your horse arena's
riding surface and is mixed into your existing
sand or soil in your indoor or

outdoor arena.  It provides a dynamic, uniform riding surface that reduces the 

shock from your horse's  workout and lets your horse perform at its best. 

Rubber Arena Footing  does not deteriorate nor does it need to be constantly replaced.

We provide a 10-year guarantee that our Rubber will not breakdown,

under normal use.

Also our product is helpful to your outdoor arena in the winter:
Rubber helps retain heat which helps thaw out your arena when there is freezing
temperatures and sunshine.  Rubber will obsorb the sun's heat and helps drain the thawing water due to greater porosity in your
sand or soil, which allows you to ride during freezing temperatures.



• Reduces muscle strain and reduces concussion shock
  • Minimizes injuries
  • Increases training time
  • Resists packing and helps to reduce dust
  • Increase drainage allowing moisture to migrate down to your sub-base.
  • Good for indoor or outdoor arenas
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Works great for all riding disciplines: Dressage, Pleasure English and
Western, Jumpers, Drivers, Barrel Racing and Reiners.
Unlike wood chips and sneakers,
Rubber is stable and inert and will not breakdown or rot nor contribute to air born particulate.

Rubber Arena Footing is a clean, safe, soft material that absorbs impact,
cushions a horse's footfalls, and minimizes concussion shock, muscle strain and
injury to the tendons.  This product improves drainage, reduces surface water,
resists packing and helps to reduce dust and odors.  This softer surface
translates into less shock and fewer injuries to the horse's legs and back,
allowing for increased training time.

We have 3 grades of crumb rubber for arena applications:

1.   1/2 inch rubber chunks with some fiber and irregular shapes, typically used 

by Jumpers.  This size also works well for those arenas that combine both discplines 

of  Jumping  and Dressage.  You do not need the deep sand/soil depth that

Jumpers require to absorb impact shock and the sand/soil depth is shallow

enough for Dressage riders.

2.   3/8 inch with and without fiber has pure black colored, solid rubber particles.  Used mostly by Dressage
folks and heavily used horse facilities, due to it's clean immaculate cut, uniform shape, and solid black color

3.   1/4 inch uniform black rubber particles with some white (from the white lettering)
and fiber.  Used by all riding disciplines.  This size provides more particles of crumb rubber per square foot and improves your riding surface's drainage.

All metal is removed and the crumb rubber is vacuumed to remove excess

fiber and dust.  Fiber does help in water retention in your sand or soil. 


We ship our Rubber Arena Footing in 1.1 ton super sacs delivered on a

wood pallet often on a flat bed truck or occasionally in closed containers. 

The truck does NEED a paved surface to unload and you would NEED

a forklift or tractor that can lift 2,200 pounds.  I recommend a 4-wheel drive forklift.










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