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We sell Rubber Arena Footing for horse arenas and sell our Rubber for other products such as our :

Rubber Soil Amendment is used under turf that is routinely subjected to heavy use; such as horse pastures, soccer, football and baseball athletic fileds particularly the goal areas and side lines, golf course cart paths, putting greens & tee-boxes, walking and bike paths, lawn areas and public parks.  Our Soil Amendment works well in horse arenas, walking paths like fence gates, to and from the barn and any heavily trafficked grass or bare soil. When mixed into the soil, our Rubber radically reduces soil compaction and promotes healthier and deeper root systems.  Unlike other amendments and synthetic/artificial surfaces, the fiber-reinforced rubber does not deteriorate quicklyIt will stabilize the soil and alleviating frequent maintenance and resodding requirements.  It will also decrease divots, enhance water percolation and reduce overall maintenance. Our Rubber Soil Amendment will also create a safer playing surface for active children and athletes.


Other Benefits Include:

  • Improves Drainage
  • Dramatically Reduces Soil and Sand Compaction
  • Deeper Root Growth
  • Enhances Turf
  • Provides Shock-absorbtion
  • Safer Playing Surface
  • 30% Less Water & Fertilizer
  • Root Penetration is Improved
  • Root Density is Increased
  • Promotes Earlier Spring and Later Turf Growth
  • Produces a Healthier, More Resilient Turf


Our Soil Amendment also improves the soil quality for any living plant.  It works well for house plants, gardens, orchards and sod growers.  The rubber allows roots to grow faster and deeper and provides the plant a longer growing season by retaining more heat around the roots.  Simply, our Soil Amendment promotes a healtheir root system and plant.


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